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Affected by the recent San Diego County Fires and Power Outage? Here is something to think about to be more prepared for the future… Invest in a backup generator for your home.




How: Works in conjunction with an automatic transfer switch (ATS) to monitor inbound utility voltage. As soon as the power goes out, the transfer switch will disconnect the utility line and start the generator connecting your chosen circuits to the generator power. When the utility company restores power the ATS turns the generator off and allows the grid power to re-energize your home.

Why? For Peace of Mind! Here are some of the Benefits:

  • It will keep your home running. A generator provides backup lighting, air conditioning, and the ability to cook, along with keeping the refrigerator on to not let your food spoil.
  • It also protects your home or business from theft by restoring any and all security systems. Not to mention, the backup generator itself is theft deterrence as it is nearly impossible to steal.
  • Those who rely on in-home medical equipment or individuals that have conditions that can be easily worsened by the heat or cold need assurance that their power won’t be interrupted.

How Much for Peace of Mind?

A back up power generator is one of the most important and affordable insurances for your home. Installed pricing starts at under $5000.00 for an average home. Larger generator systems are also available for commercial buildings.  The value of lost food, water damage, pipe repairs, or other property damage could quickly add up to the cost of a standby generator, and a little more. Some insurance companies offer a savings on the homeowner policy for a standby generator. So, another great benefit of these generators is that they can quickly pay for themselves.